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Taco & Margarita Tour


(or $60 for kids/NA/beer only)

Stress-Free downtown stroll in search of the best tacos and margaritas on Isla Mujeres

Introducing the new Taco & Margarita Walking Tour of Isla Mujeres. Our bi-lingual tour guide will weave you through the colorful downtown streets to take you though a true culinary experience finding the best tacos and margaritas in Isla Mujeres centro. On this tour you will get 5 tacos and 4 margaritas for $75 per person - Kids can also enjoy for $60. Tacos include 2 street tacos, 2 gourmet tacos and a local favorite: Al Pastor, fish, chicken, tripa and shrimp tacos. With the Margarita Tour you will savor the following flavors: traditional lime margarita, pomegranate margarita, Paloma and cucumber-basil or watermelon-jalapeno margarita. Tours start at 6:00pm and will take about 3 hours. Contact us to book your tour. Private group tours of up to 15 people also available.

Taco & Margarita Tour: Tour Packages
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