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Swim with the Whale Sharks


May 18th to September 18th ONLY

Once-in-a-Lifetime Adventure

We will meet at 7:45am at Coco's Beach Club (in front of Jax Bar & Grill) overlooking the Cancun Bay.

At 8:00am, each boat will take up to 10 people (it is ok if you only have 2 people, they will put you in a boat with other fun people) approximately 45 minutes off shore to where a pod of whale sharks are enjoying a delicious breakfast of plankton and krill. Each person will have two opportunities to snorkel with these gentle beasts before heading back closer to Isla Mujeres. Once just off the beaches of Isla Mujeres, the crew will prepare fresh ceviche and provide lunch and refreshments while you snorkel some more and enjoy the crystal clear waters. The boat will dock back around noon. 

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